Plain and Simple Journal

This journal, created by Sue Bender, features quotes from her book Plain and Simple, line drawings and color illustrations, and blank space for reflection. A fascination with Amish quilts led Sue to live with the Amish in their seemingly timeless world, a landscape of immense inner quiet. This privilege, rarely bestowed upon outsiders, taught her about simplicity and commitment and the contentment that comes from accepting who you are. The publisher describes this journal as: “Infused with the quiet spirit of the Amish.”

That’s about to change.

This is now a Journal for The BookMooch Journal Project.
[ ]

Theme: Open. Plain. Simple. (Or, for you rebellious artists, just the opposite.)

Write a note, add a story, add your artwork. Decorate some pages. Don’t have an idea? There’s a quote or image on almost every page to work from.

You are encouraged to sign your contribution, with your BookMooch username and your name if you wish, along with the date you completed your artwork. Feel free to pass the book around to your local friends, who aren’’t on BookMooch, as long as you’’re confident they will get it back into the system.

After you and your fellow creatives are done adding your art, please put the journal back into this same page I’’ve created for it here at BookMooch so someone else can mooch it and add to it, and when it is full, please contact Tim who may be reached through his account at BookMooch [], to send the journal home.


This journal was sent to Beth (USA: AL)  splomo but not resent: last here 400 days ago (as of  Oct. 22 2010).

More images:

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