Celebration of Mermaids

In tribute to my Danish heritage, this BookMooch Journals theme is a Celebration of Mermaids.

The Little Mermaid sitting at Langelinie in Copenhagen, is one of Denmark’s biggest tourist attractions. The sculpture was put up in 1913, and has since then been the symbol of Denmark.

According to the Standard Dictionary of Folklore: Mythology and Legend, Merfolk (mermaids and mermen) are supernatural beings who live primarily beneath the sea.

Mermaids and other female water spirits have appeared in folklore and religions around the world for many centuries. They may be viewed as symbols both of men’s idealization of the feminine and of men’s fear of women. There is also ambivalence in women’s views of mermaids, which may represent subservience to patriarchy, as in The Little Mermaid, yet also embody female freedom and power, as in images of goddesses.

Science has not yet entirely explained away the mermaid who, like the Loch Ness Monster, still lurks on the borders of credibility. As long as parts of the world’s oceans remain a mystery no doubt people will continue to believe in the existence of hidden submarine beings.

You have complete artistic freedom…so be as creative as you’d like and use as many pages as you like, write, scrapbook, stamp, draw, paint, scribble, include multimedia or found objects, whatever direction your inspiration takes. Have FUN!!!

When you are done with this journal, please re-list it on BookMooch so that project participants can follow it. When the book is full please contact me ~ lilylizard ~ to make arrangements for its return.


This journal was last received by a journaller who was then involved in a bad accident and nothing more has been sent. My emails remain unanswered.

More images:

as a slideshow:

and as stills:

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