The Little Book of Pay-It-Forward

Here’s something a little different. Whenever or wherever this journal travels, it travels with a gift for the next recipient. Doesn’t matter what the gift is or how big it is- it’s the idea that counts. It can be jewellery, a hand made bookmark or some bookbeads, a book from the next moocher’s wishlist, or anything else you can come up with. Your entry in the journal is essentially an open letter to the next recipient saying hi and ‘introducing’ your gift (once again, feel free to get as multi-media as you’d like), a thank you to the person who sent *you* the journal for their gift to you, or you could even just give an account of some other random act of kindness bestowed upon you.

Please remember to keep this moving and to relist here once you’re done with it.

-Felix (User ID: snofferol)

More images:

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  1. You have a clean display. Color layout nice on the eyes.

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