Spelling and Mispelling: A Modern Witches Spellbook (Birthday Books Vol 6 of 41)

Grimoire, book of shadows or whatever you choose to call it, witches ancient and modern, real or imagined have been keeping magickal diaries forever. Why? For the very reason that secrets are made to be shared. Share your favorite mystical recipes. No eye of newt, please. The modern witch’s ingredients might be gathered by moonlight from her own garden but more likely can be picked up cheaply at the neighborhood grocery. I was raised with the admonition “a witch who cannot curse cannot cure” alongside the more traditional “and it harm none, do what you will” so feel free to include the voodoo doll kit for a stingy boss or itchy feet curse for the ex-boyfriend as well as dream magick and candle-burning for world peace. We witches are very versatile. Strict no no’s: morbid evil fantasies, dungeon and dragons-isms, satanism (Satan is a Christian entity, think about it) or “repent diatribes”. This is of, for, and by witches (and wannabe witches and modern witch enthusiasts!)

When the pages of this journal are filled, please return it to bookmooch user: zenfish. Thank you.

RE: Birthday Books vol 1-41. I was very excited to read about the bookmooch journal project as I usually celebrate my birthday with art/performance art madness related to the number in question. In August I will be a delightful 41 years wild. I have purchased 41 blank journals and am giving each individual themes. When all the wayward art has winged its way home to me, I look forward to a local celebration to share and enjoy these books with friends.


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  1. Hi:

    By mystical recipes do you mean spells or kitchen witch type stuff?


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