Basically, I’ve written a question on the first page of the journal. The next person in line uses the next page (or pages) to answer the question, then writes their own question on the next page for the following person, who does the same, and so on and so on until the journal is full.

Questions can be anything at all – from personal questions about the journaller themselves, such as “what are you most afraid of?” or “what’s the biggest secret you’re keeping right now?”, to questions like “what is the meaning of life?” or “what happens to all those socks that get lost in the wash?”. Be creative!


– No altering anyone else’s entry

– When you’re ready to send the journal off again, please put it up on this same page so it can be tracked.

– When the book is full, it must be returned to me, photolysis(bookmooch ID). I can be reached at erratically_ at hotmail.com. 🙂


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