Mythic Menagerie (Birthday Books Vol 1 of 41)

What Wildness lives in the mythic menagerie? Whatever animals, legendary, real or imagined, clutter your consciousness… free them here! Animal-esque Art. Mermaids and centaurs and sparrows and catapillars that frolic in an enchanted glade or crawl out from the closet… let them seep into these pages.

When the pages of our zoo are filled, please return it to bookmooch user: zenfish. Thank you.

RE: Birthday Books vol 1-41. I was very excited to read about the bookmooch journal project as I usually celebrate my birthday with art/performance art madness related to the number in question. In August I will be a delightful 41 years wild. I have purchased 41 blank journals and am giving each individual themes. When all the wayward art has winged its way home to me, I look forward to a local celebration to share and enjoy these books with friends.


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