The Found Objects Journal

All my life, i’ve been fascinated by objects I’ve found in all kinds of places, indoors and outdoors. hidden in old furniture, lying on the sidewalk, tucked away in a book, hidden behind pictures in old frames, left in closets by previous residents, lost in the corner of a basement, found in school desks. I’ve collected these odd bits of history all my life and often wonder what kind of things others have found.

I want you to be as creative as you’d like, adding found treasures, altering the existing blank pages in the book with your own creative art, creating cut-out niches to hide a found treasure in and so on. Add objects on one page or two or go wild, adding them on pages throughout the book for others to work around, or add them to pages that already have objects pasted.

–Kenneth G Samson

More images:

This journal is no longer traveling.

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