Creatures of the night: A journal dedicated to all things that lurk in the evening

Have a passion for vampires? Witches and warlocks who do their bidding under dark skies? Maybe you’re into zombies (who strangely I always see in the evening and not ever out in the day). Maybe you like elves and goblins. Howl at the moon anytime lately? This journal is for you!

Take a page or two or three and tell us why you like your creature of the night. Do you have a favorite movie, book, TV show, video game, poem, etc about said creature? Tell us about it! Anything goes so long as it fits in with the ‘darker’ genre.

Remember take no more than 2 weeks for the journal. Please keep up with the Bookcrossing Journaling if you can. This is a gift for my sister and if you could write her a note in the journal and on Bookcrossing. Her name is Sarah and she rocks.


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