Hot Stuff

This is a lovely recipe book filled with Hot foods! If it ain’t hot don’t add it! Rules: Include international moochers or be willing to use an angel 🙂 Put your Hottest stuff in the book. Write, draw, create and have fun! When the journal’s almost full please email me: or BMID: ArtsyAngel2007. This journal’s a little different but surely fun! Come on and show us your “hot stuff!”! Collages are welcome just make them “hot!”

– Carly

This journal appears never to have been sent out due to the owner having a bad accident. Her account has been closed.

Hot as Fire

This book is a celebration of warm, sizzling color! Every image or word written here must be in the palette of heat – orange, red, yellows, you get the idea! – whether it be a collage or cohesive image.

Everything bright is a perfect delight here! Set your imagination on fire and see what you create!

– k00kaburra

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