Uncommon Threads: The BookMooch Fiber Art Journal

For knitters, crocheters, weavers, stitchers, seamstresses, textile nuts, and other fabric fans: Add your patterns, inspirations, and any samples you’d like to this journal. What leaves you in stitches? It’s time to get creative with this otherwise-generic Mead composition notebook! Just return to jenglo via BookMooch when full!


This journal appears to be lost.Oh, dear! This journal was recovered and circulating again and now appears to be lost once again!

Favorite Limericks

Please add a few of your very favorite limericks, naughty or not!

This is the very 1st BM Journal I have ever started on it’s way.

Please pass this journal along within 2 weeks and let’s see how far it goes.

When it is full please reserve for me and I will Mooch it from you.

Jan Wolf(USA:CA)

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A History Journal: The Ancient Egyptians.

I love history and there are several eras that I find especially interesting. The Ancient Egyptian era is one of those. I think of mummies and pyramids and hieroglyphics and such beautiful art!!! This journal is all about ancient Egypt. Share your thoughts in words or pictures. Feel free to use any medium, just don’t alter anyone else’s work.

The journal cover that you see on this journal will not be its final cover. The pages actually came from a beautiful journal that I found at a thrift store. I’ve taken the pages out for mooching because the cover makes it so heavy for shipping. This will be a much cheaper alternative – especially for international mooches!

I hope you like this journal, and if you would like a copy of it, just let me know and I’ll be happy to scan it and send you a copy. Otherwise, please make sure to re-list the journal after your entry and keep the journal circulating. Much work goes into creating journals and it’s a shame when one gets lost or is kept by someone other than the creator.

When the journal is full, please return to Jenny Stafford, jfit.

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Tears of Joy

Do you have children? Neices? Nephews? Cousins? Or just simply love babies, toddlers or older ones? If so, tell us about the children in your life. 🙂 Provide pictures, stories, art, poems. Anything pertaining children, feel free to contribute.
Please keep in 2 week time frame and then let it free.
Please respect others work.
When full please contact me: BookActivist85

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Stamping Satiety

Your choice: Simple or complex, plain or embellished, store bought or hand-carved. This journal focuses on rubber stamping (stamp & ink). Enter one or more of your favorites from your personal collection (limit 2 pages, please). If you wish, tell why you like the stamp, what you use it for, where you got it or when you carved it, etc. Can you create a story or poem with your stamps? Do you do letterboxing or geocaching with your stamps? It’s probably best to stamp your image(s) on a separate piece of paper and then glue/tape it into the book. Remember to sign your BM username before sending it on!


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Bird Book 2

This is a tiny booklet that fits in a standard envelope with one stamp. Each page has a bird silhouette ready for you to fill with your art or words or both. Do several pages if you are inspired to do so!

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Bird Book 1

This is a tiny booklet that fits in a standard envelope with one stamp. Each page has a bird silhouette ready for you to fill with your art or words or both. Do several pages if you are inspired to do so!

[Book 1 of 2]


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Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink!

Love Water? Me Too. This is a journal about anything to do with water, helpful hints, words, poems, stories, artwork. What lies beneath the waves? What did you find on the beach or river bank? What kinds of aquatic life lives in your lake/pond?
Also included, pages 6-9, a place to add water book recommendations.
Water has always held a special fascination for me, what’s in it, what lies beneath the waves, what has been discovered, what has not, and how the world see water in general. Add your stories here.


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Found Art

My daughter and I love to journal and be creative so we’re creating a set of journals on various subjects to celebrate shared art and creativity.
This journal is blank and ready to be filled with whatever you consider to be found art – food wrappers, tickets, flyers, art you create from these, newspaper, photographs, words you’re inspired to write, graffitti 🙂
The first few pages have some ‘found art’ in already and you’re welcome to add any art, words, stories, poems, songs, doodles or photos of your own.
Use as many or as few pages as you’d like to share your found art.
Please don’t alter anyone else’s work.
Please make your entry and then relist here within two weeks.
Have fun!
When this journal is complete please reserve it for me and I will mooch it back from you. If you are unable to complete the journal within time or have any issues with it please contact me here and I’ll mooch it back again.


This journal has been returned to brella as her daughter became seriously ill. The slideshow includes all entries made before it was returned.


This journal is based on the website PostSecret.com. On the site, people send anonymous postcards to the owner, telling secrets they would never reveal to anyone. So this journal works the same way: You write down and illustrate a secret of yours, and then you send the book along. Feel free to sign with your name, but you absolutely don’t have to – they are secrets after all.Take as many pages as you want, but don’t alter anyone else’s work. Relist and send the journal along as soon as possible after receiving it. When the book is full, please contact me (Hannah; BMid: hanhel) so that I can mooch it back from you.Reviews: Hannah (Israel) (2010/12/14):I threw in a few secrets from the website so that also the first few users secrets can stay anonymous.


Not sure why, but this journal never had the link attached to send journallers to its entry here, and now it appears to be retained by an inactive and unresponsive journaller.