There’s nowt as queer as folks

There is an old North of England saying “There’s nowt as queer as folks” which I remember from a headmistress who came to my London high school from Huddersfield. It uses the old dialect word nowt, (opposite owt = anything) meaning nothing. Another saying reflecting the same sentiment is “Truth is stranger than fiction”, and it is pften true that things which happen would be disbelieved in a fictional book!
It makes me think of the many, varied strange local customs of the British isles. SInce coming to live in Wales, we have encountered a whole raft of new ones!
Share the weird and wacky doings with which you are familiar in this journal.

Please keep no more than two weeks and add it to your inventory using the number shown here, or click Mooched on your home page and click Give to the right of the journal name. If you may forget to relist, then do it when you receive it and reserve it for yourself for up to 2 weeks! It is such a shame when series get broken – so check your requester is a current friend of the Bookmooch Journal Library Charity, and if they are not ask them to apply to become a friend. Only constant defaulters will be barred.

I only use a small number of pages at a time to keep postage down, but feel free to use as many as you want! Please contact me when the journal is full and I will add more pages, or if it needs repairing.

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