Pirates and buccaneers

Pirates and buccaneers are favourite characters for many children.
We had a lovely series about Welsh pirates – Black Bart was my younger
son’s favourite.
Whether you hanker after a parrot to sit on your shoulder shouting “Pieces of eight” and having a hook instead of a hand, or a peg-leg and an eyepatch; or are interested in the history behind piracy, or have a tale to tell of modern-day piracy in the Indian ocean or off the coast of East Africa, or are a big fan of “Pirates of the Caribbean” share it with all the journallers!

Please keep no more than two weeks and add it to your inventory using the number shown here, or click Mooched on your home page and click Give to the right of the journal name. If you may forget to relist, then do it when you receive it and reserve it for yourself for up to 2 weeks! It is such a shame when series get broken – so check your requester is a current friend of the Bookmooch Journal Library Charity, and if they are not ask them to apply to become a friend. Only constant defaulters will be barred.

I only use a small number of pages at a time to keep postage down, but feel free to use as many as you want! Please contact me when the journal is full and I will add more
pages, or if it needs repairing.

Pirates and buccaneers00


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