Dogs! Dogs! Dogs!

This is a Bookmooch journal dedicated to the man’s best friend: dog – to your dog to be exact. Tell me and fellow moochers about your dear pet. Tell about his/her life and why he/she is so special. Share pictures of him/her and maybe a link to a video if you have one uploaded somewhere on the Internet.

If you don’t have a dog, don’t worry – you can still mooch this journal. Just tell us about a friend’s dog that’s dear to you, or a dog you had when you were a kid. You know, just tell us about a dog you love or have loved!

· Use as many pages as you need, and if you have more than one dog feel free to tell about all of them.

· Respect others – don’t alter or change other entries.

· Repost ONLY to within 2 weeks after you’ve received the journal

· When the journal is full, please contact me and I’ll mooch the journal from you.

Tessa (BMid: teresasa)

This journal does not appear to have been issued, although requested it has not been sent.

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