Postcard Portrait of the Netherlands

This is a journal of Portrait (tall & thin) Postcards of the Netherlands. They were amongst a box of some 60 years of postcards collected by members of my family. You can write, draw or comment on any of the postcards. Use the page facing the postcard. There are a few blank spaces in this journal. From time to time I will mooch it back.
Please make sure you relist by the number shown opposite within two weeks of receipt, and whilst being prepared to send onwards promptly, only accept requests for journals from friends of the journal library.
If your moocher is unknown to you, please check that they understand what journalling is and will keep journals circulating.
Enquiries and pictures for inclusion in the slideshows of the journals on their Bookmooch pages can be sent to The need for repairs or request for me to mooch when full should be to

Gill T. tennantfamily:U.K. or the Bookmooch Journal Library Maintainer bmjl: (Heard and McDonald Islands).

Hopes & Dreams

A book to create in about your hopes & dreams.
I have started the book by including some die-cut shapes. You can choose to work on one of those pages or on a blank page.


A previous journal called Hopes and Dreams was created by jfit, please look for Hearts hopes & soul and dreams on the cover for this new journal and Hopes and Dreams for jfit’s 2008 journal.