Bookmarks left Behind – Forgotten Scraps of Life

This book is inspired by an ad I saw for a new book, “Forgotten Bookmarks” by Michael Popek, who is a bookseller who shares what he finds forgotten between the pages of books in his shop. I’m sure we’ve all found something like this, a receipt, ticket, or shopping list, or even an actual bookmark holding a place in a book we picked up at the library or a used booksale. This journal is for us to share what we have found. Please attach the item you found in the journal, and tell us a little bit about what book you found it in, and where you found the book. If you’ve found more than one object, feel free to use as many pages as you like, but please be sure not to alter other’s entries.
If your entry fills the book, or it is damaged and needs repairs, Please contact me (carlyexactly) and I will mooch this book from you. Please relist and be ready to resend the book within two weeks of receiving it.

Thank you for you’re interest and participation in this project!


Click on the blue underlined link in the journal description to see the slideshow. 

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