BULLIES bullies

Have you ever been bullied? Has your child or siblings been bullied? There are all types of bullying – school, job, cyber, etc. It seems to be getting worse & worse. Sometimes the bullies leave permanent scars. Or are you a bully who really regrets what you have done? Share your stories.
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Postcards of Britain: the South coast, home counties and midlands of England.

This is the sixth of seven journals of Postcards of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. This one is for postcards of the South coast, the home counties and midlands of England: the Isle of Wight, Sussex, Kent, Surrey, Hamp-, Berk-, Wilt-, Gloucester-, Oxford-, Buckingham-, Hertford-, Bedford-, Northampton-, Warwick-, Worcester-, Hereford-, Shrop-, Stafford-, Leicester-, Northampton-, Nottingham-, Derby- and Che-shire, West Midlands & Rutland. They were amongst a box of some 60 years of postcards collected by members of my family. You can write, draw or comment on any of the postcards. Use the page facing the postcard. From time to time I will mooch the journal back and rebind it to include a few extra added postcards. If many are added I may add a second volume later.
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Miracles Really Do Happen

I believe that miracles happen everyday, all around us. Whether it be a birth of a child or someone walking away from a horrible accident. With the way the world is today, I thought this is the perfect time for this journal.
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