A Spring Sketchbook – flowers, birds, and all things Spring

Description: Draw anything you like in this book that represents what Spring is to you. To me, I anticipate Spring throughout winter, and can’t wait until there is life outside again. Please try to refrain from printing out pictures and pasting them in, it doesn’t matter what you’re entry looks like or how badly you think you draw- we’d still love to see it! If you are really uncomfortable with this, you can always trace a picture, or just tell us about one of your Spring memories. Please do not alter other’s entries. The paper is a little thin, so if you are using markers or pens that might bleed through, please make sure there are no entries on the other side of your page, and use the piece of cardboard provided to protect the page behind it. The only other rule is- have fun! And use as many pages as you like!
If your entry fills the book, or it is damaged and needs repairs, Please contact me (carlyexactly) and I will mooch this book from you. Please relist and be ready to resend the book within two weeks of receiving it. Please also feel free to have your friends make entries while you have the book- but don’t loose it!

Thank you for you’re interest and participation in this project!


Click on the blue underlined link in the journal description to see the slideshow. 

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