Weird and wonderful animals.

When I mooched BMJournal Animals of Life which had been incorrectly listed just as Animals, and thus lost its links, I did not realise it was really concerned with pets and animals the moochers had kept, but expected a journal about all manner of animals. So I decided to create one especially for those curious and odd and strange animals of the world.
Please feel free to fill as many pages as you like. I can add more pages when it is full, rebind or repair as necessary.
Please relist by the number given opposite wthin two weeks of receipt. If it does not get mooched within 3 months contact your local shelf-holder (listed in the bmjl bio) and they will mooch it and add it to the library inventory at bmjl.
Please be respectful of other journallers’ entries and help keep journals circulating. Make sure your requester is a bmjl friend and understands the rules of journalling.
Photos or scans can be sent to for adding to the slideshow on the journal’s Bookmooch page.
Full journals can be returned to bmjl for scanning and return to their creator, or listing as a completed journal at their request.

Gill T. Cymru/Wales BMid:tennantfamily:U.K.

Now in circulation again.

Click on the blue underlined link in the journal description to see the slideshow. 

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