Wine & Vineyards

This little journal is a mini-calendar of Wine Vineyards. I’m turning it into a journal about Wine and Vineyards. Please add your thoughts, pictures and drawings and wine labels – anything to do with wine, wineries or vineyards to the date side of the calendar. You can do this directly or cover the page first with a piece of paper. Please leave the picture side of the calendar as is.
Please take as many pages as you want but don’t alter any one elses work. Please make your entry and relist within two weeks. If you don’t mind relisting when you receive the journal (in order to speed the process up) please do.

PLEASE RELIST ONLY ON BOOKMOOCH and when you pass this on, please make sure the moocher is another journaler and that they know it needs to be passed on.

Unfortunately this journal seems to have been kept by an inactive moocher, who marked it as sent, and all attempts to recover it so far have failed.

Click on the blue underlined link in the journal description to see the slideshow.

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