Original designs

This journal is for original designs of your own.
I stopped using knitting patterns about 30 years ago, instead check my tension, work out a design for the person I am knitting for with their measurements and preferences and then calculate needles size and wool type, stitch and row numbers, colours and designs and off I go!
I can’t knit much now because of a physical problem, but the socks I knit Mark last far longer than bought ones, which he often goes through in a day, it takes 6-8 weeks’ wear for him to hole my 3-ply ones knitted with wool my mother bought before she died in 1976. He finds the thinner ply equally warm and more comfortable. I recently knitted a patch for one he has holed and his comment that the double thickness on the heel was actually more comfortable still has inspired me to design a sock with a double thickness heel, which will be my entry here.
Your entry may be needlework or knitting or crochet, woodwork or metal work or electronics or whatever else you have designed. Whenever I mooch the journal back images of the designs will be uploaded to the journal site slideshow. Alternatively send me jpgs. of your, or other, entries to upload.

Please look at:
The_BookMooch_Journal_Project site page about how journalling works:

the Bookmooch Wiki entry on journalling:

and BookMooch Journals forum:

Please keep to my journalling guidelines, check your mooch-requestor understands them and keep journals circulating!
Gill T. tennantfamily:U.K.

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