Original Poetry

This journal is for original poetry of any type of your own.
I have been clearing our horse’s manure daily recently from a field we have called Wern Fach (Little Bog). It is the site of a former one-acre smallholding on which a family subsisted for generations. The house has gone, the well is in disrepair, but there is such a feeling of history and peace there that I find poems springing unbidden to mind.  I have found that certain places seem to give rise to artistic, musical and poetic inspiration, and a pupil’s mother suggested I should start a journal for original poems. Please add your contribution with your name, BM id and the date of the entry.

Whenever I mooch the journal back images of the pages will be uploaded to the journal site slideshow. Alternatively send me jpgs. of your, or other, entries to upload.

Please look at:

The_BookMooch_Journal_Project site page about how journalling works: https://bookmoochjournals.com/about/

the Bookmooch Wiki entry on journalling:

and BookMooch Journals forum:


Please keep to my journalling guidelines, check your mooch-requestor understands them and keep journals circulating!
Gill T. tennantfamily:U.K.



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