Gorgeous goats.

We have kept dairy goats for the 30 years we have lived here and a few years in the Welsh Marches before we moved to the rolling countryside of West Wales and Cardigan Bay.I shall write a bit about the first goat we ever owned, Cloe, and every time the journal comes back to me I will write a bit about the different goats and the different breeds we have kept or known. In the U.K. people tend to talk about billy goats and nanny goats, but I prefer the terms bucks and does. To me billy goats and nanny goats belong in fairy stories, but you are welcome to make an entry about the goats of your country, or of myth and fables or to draw or photograph goats.
Please make sure the journal gets passed on promptly. I have journalling guidelines in my bio. If you have difficulty keeping track of your journals keep them on one shelf and relist them on arrival, and send out as soon as mooched after a maximum of two weeks from receiving a request. Then I can see a completed journal in my lifetime! I make the journals light for posting but I can add more pages whenever it returns to me and upload the entries to the journal site.

-Gill (tennantfamily)

Now recovered and back in circulation.