Surf and surfing.

I’ve never been surfing, and I think it is to late to start now, but along with gliding, it is a sport which attracts me, and I wish I had lived by the sea earlier and surfing had taken off at a time when I could have indulged in it!
The BBC Wales website ran an illustrated article about surfing in Wales recently, from where much of the information here comes. I concentrated on my area of Mid Wales – Cardigan Bay, although the south coast is the most popular and the North the most dramatic for surfers.
I was surprised not to find a journal on surfing already, so hope you will enjoy this one and add stories of surf, surfing, surf music etc..
Please respect the work of other and keep to the journalling guideline of two weeks per entry, and do not delay in relisting or sending . In the spirit of Bookmooch journalling if you can’t send abroad please arrange an angel to send it where-ever it is requested, and return to me when full or needing extra pages or repairs.

-Gill (tennantfamily)

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