The Book of Water.

This is a journal for all things water-related. Without water our planet  would be barren and without ‘life as we know it’.

I love the sound of water, water splashing in a fountain, gurgling from a spring, a tinkling stream, the sound of surging flood water in a river, the crash of waves in the sea, the calm tranquility of a lake. I like water to drink, and I use it to encourage my vegetables to grow. Sometimes there is too little, sometimes too much, but it is a precious resource and we need to conserve it and look after it.

This journal is for anything and everything to do with water.

Please read my journalling guidelines in my bio:

Relist within two weeks of receiving the journal, and send out promptly when it is requested, wherever it is asked for. Please keep journals circulating and keep them in good repair. If repairs or extra pages are needed, or it is full, let me know and I will mooch it back and do what is necessary.

-Gill (tennantfamily)

This journal was kept by its first moocher who is inactive, but has just been sent on with others that she had kept, and will return to circulation.

Click on the blue underlined link in the journal description to see the slideshow. 


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