Local Heroes.

When I thought of making this journal I hadn’t realised there was a 1983 Scottish film called Local Hero (about an American oil company attempting to buy a Scottish village to build an oil refinery), a Mark Knopfler album, an award-winning science and history television programme in the U.K., a Japanese fictional character, a non-profit organization for service-men in the U.S.A., a series of bronze busts in New Zealand, a U.S. Supermarket chain, an Australian award, the nickname of a local hero of the city of Guanajuato in Mexico, a sculpture in Brazil…

My entry is a historic local hero, a version perhaps of the Robin Hood story, the tale of a real Welshman from my locality who was a rogue became a pillar of society later in life.

Share with us the story of your local hero, whether it be William Tell, Robin Hood, or the contemporary heroes who rescue other people at danger to themselves, or just ungrudgingly give their time and energy to nursing, caring or campaigning for others. The firemen, life-boatmen, beach lifeguards, search-and-rescue patrols, lollipop crossing patrol wardens and so on, who make life safer for many.

Please read my journaling guidelines (in red under the journaling logo) on my bio.

Use the pages as you wish, but leave the work of others unaltered please.

If the journal is sent promptly wherever requested there should be no problem with completing an entry and re-listing within two weeks.

If you find you can not do so please re-list, email me and I will arrange to return it to you point-free at a later date.

If it needs repair or extra pages added, contact me and send it back to me. I can rebind and add or repair as necessary. When it returns to me I will scan and upload images to the journal site, for all to see.

-Gill (tennantfamily)


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