48 things to do, with children, on a dry, sunny day vol. 2

I wanted to create  two very special journals in record time! These journals originally had entries made by invitation only, but now the second copy is available for all journallers to participate.

I made the journals for a Bookmooch journalling friend who suddenly and unexpectedly found herself caring for three grandchildren, domestic upheaval and no computer.
I wanted to think of some way of helping her if I could. I don’t know the ages of the children or whether they are f or m. Please assume they are in an environment that is very rural, without easy access to facilities and shops, and without cash resources. The journal ideas should be to use imagination and things found around one commonly.

So, instead of adding a new journal and sending it on its merry way to arrive in a few year’s time, I invited a small group of BM friends and BMJournalling friends to post or email ideas for the journal directly to me.

Journal 1: XXX (unknown number) things to do (cost-free or extremely cheaply) with children on a wet, windy day.

Journal 2: XXX (unknown number) things to do (cost-free or extremely cheaply) with children on a dry, sunny day.

As usual I created Journal 2 first, and am busy collating Journal 1!
Contributions had to reach in a week from my request.
Lucky journallers who are not ‘virtually’ making entries, get two weeks to make entries!

So 48 (and counting) things to do (cost-free / extremely cheaply), with children, on a dry, sunny day is born…

Pages can be added as needed, and I will rebind to accommodate them, or start a Part 2 as appropriate. Please keep it circulating!

-Gill (tennantfamily)

To see the slideshow click on the blue underlined link in the journal description above.

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