This is the fifth in a set of journals celebrating the days of the week. In many languages the name means Frigg or Venus’ day.

In the Thai Solar Calendar Friday is regarded as an blue day. Since the Thai Solar Calendar attributes a colour to each day of the week I decided to use these colours in the journals to represent the days.

What does Friday mean to you? Does Friday have a particular significance, a poem it brings to mind, or something visual it brings to mind? Use the pages as you wish, but leave the work of others unaltered please.

If the journal is sent promptly wherever requested there should be no problem with completing an entry and re-listing within two weeks.

If you find you can not do so please re-list, email me and I will arrange to return it to you point-free at a later date.

If it needs repair or extra pages added, contact me and send it back to me. I can rebind and add or repair as necessary. When it returns to me I will scan and upload images to the journal site, for all to see.

-Gill (tennantfamily)


This journal appears to have been lost in the post or kept by an inactive moocher. 

Another Rainbow.

This is a reconstruction of my Rainbow journal the first edition of which has been stalled with the first moocher since October despite repeated requests.
PLEASE do not retain it, mooch and send promptly. At two moochers a year I shall be dead long before it is completed!
If it sticks in your inventory get in touch with me and I will get it moving or mooch it back.
This interactive journal is for everything and anything inspired by rainbows. My entry is my favourite poem (illustrated), but any type of entry is acceptable. Please do not alter anyone else’s contribution, and try to relist within two weeks of receipt. I have wishlisted it to keep track of its movements and will mooch it back if the person who completes it will contact me.

-Gill (tennantfamily)