Punch and Jokey

Mark came across this diary that had belonged to one of his brothers. There are few entries and they are not of any private matters, he had used it more as an engagement diary; but it contains some nice Punch magazine cartoons, so we decided to turn it into a journal for visual humour.Please leave the original Punch cartoons as they are.

Our entry is a photo from the BBC web-site that had been sent in over the snowy period early in this year of 2010. As I’m not really an artist and certainly not a cartoonist I decided to put it in as our entry, but I hope some of the Bookmooch budding artists will try their hand at cartooning!

Use as many pages as you like.

Please put your entry wherever you like.

Make sure you re-list promptly and pass on within two weeks. If you can’t make an entry within this time pass it on and request it again later.

If you take a particular shine to the cartoons please do not keep the journal.
Email me and I will send it to you when it is completed and I have seen it. If there are particular cartoons you would like to keep let me know. Again I can scan them and send them to you when it is returned completed, or in its travels.

-Mark T.  (tennantfamily)

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