By Candlelight

I love candlelight. There’s nothing quite like a flickering flame. Depending on the situation candlelight can be elegant, romantic, scary, or ominous. This book is intended to be a celebration of candlelight. All entries welcome.

Please complete and relist this journal in two weeks. Please don’t alter the work of others.

When full please let me know and I will mooch it back from you (BM ID: lahochstetler).



Do you have a quilt or blanket that has special meaning for you? Do you have a favorite quilt pattern or special projects that you do? Share your thoughts in this pretty Quilts engagement calendar. The calendar is filled with beautiful pictures of quilts that I’d like to remain unchanged. Feel free to create an entry in any way you’d like, using the calendar pages. Any medium is fine – just don’t alter the work of others.

When full, please return journal to Jenny Stafford, jfit.