My favourite children’s TV programme.

This is a journal for your favourite children’s TV programmes – a place for a nostalgic trip back into your own history, or a celebration of shared experiences watching with your own children or grandchildren perhaps.

Put your entry wherever you like.
Please add your name, BM id and country, and date to your entry.
Please do not keep the journal too long – re-list within two weeks of receipt, and be prepared to send it promptly wherever it is requested. I have made the journal light and fairly small to ease postage costs, but if more pages are needed, or repairs I am able to rebind and alter or add as necessary. At such times I will upload the images to the journal site.

If you leave Bookmooch please send this onwards or back to me first.
If the journal arrives when you have no time to make an entry, please just re-list and email me and I will send it to you later point-free by arrangement.
When the journal returns to the UK I may mooch back to upload images.
When full I may be prepared to scan and print copies for any Bookmoocher who would like a copy to mooch and keep.

-Gill (tennantfamily)

Now resurfaced and back in circulation.

To see the slideshow click on the blue underlined description.

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