Quaint creatures of myths and customs.

This journal is a place for you to record all those curious and mysterious creatures that hover on the periphery of your vision and appear in folk traditions.
Please put your entry wherever seems appropriate.
Do not hang onto this journal – re-list it within two weeks of receipt and when requested send it promptly wherever it is asked for.
Journals get stranded in some areas where no-one will send them abroad, be prepared to do so even if you normally have an ‘Only to my own country’ rule.
If circumstances prevent you completing an entry within a month please re-list it and contact me, and I will arrange to send it to you again at a later date point-free by arrangement.
If the journal gets damaged or pages come loose, or extra pages are needed because it is full, please contact me and I will mooch it back and rebind it with extra pages if necessary, and effect the necessary repairs.
When full email me and I will mooch it back.
At this time I will upload scans of the pages to the journal’s Bookmooch page, so everyone who participated can see them.
Depending on demand it will then either be enlarged with new pages, or regarded as complete.
Most of my journals can be available for mooching when completed.

-Gill (tennantfamily)


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