Herbs, heavenly and hellish.

Herbs and spices have been used to flavour food, to mask decay, to scent rooms and bodies, to treat maladies, wounds and diseases and for potions and spells since time immemorial.

Often used to treat the bites or wounds from animals they resembled, there has always been a feeling of mystery and danger about them. Their practitioners have been revered and reviled, hailed as priests, burnt as witches, feared as magicians.

Today we use herbs in the kitchen to flavour our food, but the medicinal use of herbs is in danger of being forgotten, – fringe medicine, old-wives tales.

This journal is for you to add your use of herbs, your pictures, stories or recipes. Do not alter anyone else’s work, but add what you like, where you like. I’ll mooch it back when full – let me know!
-Gill (tennantfamily)

To see the slideshow click the blue underlined link in the journal description above.

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