1,000 Places to See Before You Die – Part Two

In 2006 Kenneth G Samson created a journal called BMJournal: 1,000 Places to See Before You Die BM1174772178913459737, of which he said: “After spending three years traveling the USA in a RV, I came to believe that every town, no matter how small, has some unusual claim to fame. It could be a person, a geographic feature, a building, an event, whatever it is that makes your town famous. The idea behind this journal is for you to tell us about the unusual fame your town claims, and design one or more pages and tell us about it. Use photographs, drawings, ATCs, stamp art, portions of travel brochures, written text, and so forth. Anything goes!”
Since he had it returned to him when he left to resume his travels, and 25 people had it wishlisted I decided to create a “Part Two” for those who would like to mooch and add to it.
I have used maps as pages, so alternate pages are covered in maps and plain. You are welcome to alter the map pages or simply use them to write on. When you make an entry please add your name, BMid and date, and initial all pages you use. Don’t alter pages that someone has already initialled! I am only putting 36 pages, when these are complete I will mooch it back and add more pages. Keep no longer than two weeks but if you can’t make your entry within a month tops please relist it and let me know. I’ll arrange to send it to you points free at a later date by arrangement. If you leave Bookmooch please return this journal to me. Enjoy!

-Gill (tennantfamily)


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