Sweet and sour: (on your) Marks, get set, Cook!

Mark made this recipe book originally for our younger son when he went to college in Cardiff at age 17. It contained simple recipes for an impoverished student, and family favourites within his budget and cooking skills. He added a couple of his own favourites and within a year had an arrangement with friends where they could invite themselves for dinner on the understanding that everyone contributed an ingredient of their choice and he would make them into a dinner that everyone sat down to together. Please feel free to add one or more simple recipes, and we will mooch it back, hopefully in time for the next generation – his stepdaughter is 15 and will need her own ‘first time away from home’ recipe guide in a year or two! We will mooch it back when complete @ tennantfamily:U.K.

-Mark T. (tennantfamily)

Click on the blue underlined link in the journal description to see the slideshow. 

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