Enter the Realm of the Gods and Goddesses: A Pagan journal

Hello fellow Pagans! This is a journal to be passed around from Boomoocher to Bookmoocher and each person adds their own alterations an additions to the book within a 2 week time period and then posts it in their inventory to be mooched by someone else. This process continues until the book is full. When the book becomes full, the last moocher contacts the originated (username: CelticMaiden) and mails it home for CelticMaiden to keep.

The theme of the book is Pagan Gods and Goddesses, therefore, please choose a God or Goddess (Such as Artemis, Pan, Briget etc.) per page or two and decorate the page about this God/Goddess, write invocations, write how they speak to you and decorate the page any you can, once it relates to the deity chosen.Please choose real Gods/Goddesses, not one you make up yourself, please write about them in a way that honours them, please do not write anything derogatory as to insult the Pagan lifestyle and do not destroy or write on other peoples entries. Use any medium to decorate.

Any queries please feel free to contact CelticMaiden.


This journal was listed, requested, request rejected and the creator’s account closed. In other words it has never been issued. 

2 Responses

  1. Hi: How do I get on the wait list for this?


  2. You can use the link above to go to the journal’s entry on BookMooch.com. Add it to your wishlist there and request it when it becomes available.

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