Addicted to iPhone Apps

Are you addicted to iPhone Apps? Just can’t put the phone down and walk away? Review your favorite app or write in a comment. Or add your iPhone app related art work.

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This book went to one requestor and then returned to its creator who has since been inactive.  Not travelling.


Jellyfish is a BMJournal dedicated to pictures, drawings, fiction, poetry, and any other creative endeavor related to jellyfish. Jellyfish are beautiful, dangerous creatures. Made mostly of water, these fascinating sea dwellers glide like ghosts through the waves. This journal is the place for you to share anything you want to about jellyfish. Stories, memories, pictures, poems, drawings, decorations, whatever you want! Decorate a few pages with your thoughts.

Please do not change or alter anyone else’s entries and keep within the two week mooch window time limit. After you are finished with your entry, please put the journal back into this same page I’ve created for it here at BookMooch so someone else can mooch it.

When the journal is full and complete (or no one else seems to want it), please contact me (BM username: thegretchen) and I will mooch it back.


Marked lost in the mail 2009.


This book was marked as lost in the mail.