Letters to Grandma

This is a traveling journal to be passed around BookMooch members. My Grandma is in her late 80’s and is in a nursing home. During an arts & crafts class they covered a journal & she gave it to my mom. My mom thought it would be fun to pass it around BookMooch and would like everybody to write a letter and/or story to my Grandma and when it is full she will give the journal back to Grandma to read. Take as many pages as you need and please try to pass this one around quickly, as Grandma is getting up there in age. It is a very light journal (only about 50 pages or so) so this one might even be cheaper to mail via first class. My Grandma’s name is Lahoma (she is Indian) and she loves to read but she has a hard time seeing so please try to write (or type) big & clear. Thank you for participating in this journal. When it is full please contact me so I can mooch it back, BM ID: mspeegle Thank you!

– Melissa

This journal has been returned to its creator.

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