View From A Hundred Windows

What do you see out your window, right now?

This journal aims, quite simply, to encourage you to look. And to see. To gather together snippets of information about the lives we lead, the places we find ourselves, the things that are with us.

Describe what it is that you see. What the weather is like. Where you are. Why it is that you are in this particular place, looking out this particular window. Draw a picture. Write a list. Take a photo. Make a poem. However you can best capture this moment, and this place. You have one page to do it justice.

To keep it interesting and add a random element, nominate a time for the next person to look out their chosen window. (They get to decide if it’s going to be daytime or night-time.)

– Include where you are, the time and date, your BookMooch ID, and what time the next person should look out a window .
– Please don’t damage or add to anyone else’s entry.
– Put it back in the system within two weeks.

When the view from the hundredth window has been added, let me know (BM ID: joannacollie) and I will mooch it back home.

So tell me. What do you see?

– Joanna

Who is you favorite actor/singer?

Add a picture of your favorite actor or actress/singer (meaning both).Under the picture write the person’s name.You can not use the same person twice in the journal.This is a journal for a friend.
When finished please return to Deanna

– Deanna for Starlynn Reber

This journal appears not to be travelling.