Collections of Life

Do you have a favorite collection? Are there salt & pepper shakers all over your House? Does Santa stand in every corner 12 months a year? Do dolls continue to wave to you unnoticed? Are cookbooks taking over your kitchen cupboards? Are cookie jars taking place of those used-to-be-used plates?

What favorite item(s) do you consider that you just cannot do without?

This is your time to share with your Bookmooch friends about what you really love to collect.
Pictures would be great to put in, stories, and perhaps an interview with someone else with the habit of collecting.

All I ask is to not to change anyone’s work, or write over it, or cover it up.
Keep within the two week time limit, and then post it to have some one else mooch it.

When this journal is full, please send it back to: Debbie Hoggan (Bookmooch ID: hogganclan)

– Debbie

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