And the Army Goes Rolling Along!

This bookmooch journal was started by my on 7/1/08. Add bits, blurbs and pictures (scrapbook style) to honor a soldier! It can be someone you are related to, someone in the news, or a friend of yours! Get creative! Add pictures of when the soldier had long hair and another of the buzzcut! Add a soldier from the Civil War, or the Iraq War! Robert E. Lee or Tommy Franks! You are not bound by a timeframe, the only tie has to be the Army and it has to be a person. Please limit yourself to 2 adjacent pages per moocher, and one soldier per moocher.

Standard Rules – Do not alter another person’s work. After two weeks in your posession, please list it for mooching at the same page it was created.

Please feel free to honor a fallen soldier, but due to the sensitive nature of this context, no anti-war propaganda. This is not about right or wrong, war or no war. This is about our soldiers.

If you receive the journal with anti-war propaganda, please either remove the propaganda or cover it up as best you can. This is the one exception to Do Not Alter clause.

When the journal is full, please send it back to me. You can do this either by emailing me for instructions or reserving it for me and I will mooch it back.

Thanks! Happy journaling!


This journal appears never to have been issued (sent).