Things I’m Grateful For

This journal is about “Things I’m Grateful For.” Try and list at least three different things you are grateful for.

Let your imagination run wild! It can include pictures, writing, paintings, drawings, scribbles or anything that you see fit. Do not feel limited to one page for your entry, but please leave room for others as well.

Please do not change or alter anyone else’s entries and keep within the two week mooch window time limit. After you are finished with your entry, please put the journal back into this same page I’ve created for it here at BookMooch so someone else can mooch it.

When the journal is full and complete, please contact me (BM username: havi13) and I will mooch it back.


Counting My Blessings: A Journal of Things to Be Thankful For

I found this unused gratitude journal at a “used” booksale and decided to share it with my fellow bookmoochers. It’s designed to be a daily journal where you list five things you are thankful for on each day. Each page has three days, so I’m not expecting any kind of strict adherence to this format. Use the whole page or multiple pages to write, draw, or collage what you are thankful for. When you are finished, please relist on bookmooch for the next person to add an entry. If you are the last person to mooch this book, please return it to me and I’ll ’smooch’ you a point to cover the postage.


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