Four Seasons: Summer

This journal celebrates all things summer. Why do you love or hate this season? What memories or thoughts do you associate with summer? Artwork, quotes, reminiscing- all is welcome! Please do not alter others’ contributions, and be sure to relist this book within two weeks. When the journal is full please let me (lahochstetler) know and I will mooch it back from you.

– lahochstetler

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Summer Is…

This is a journal for everything and anything summer related. Whether it’s summer memories, summer recipes, summer anticipations or summer collages, it belongs here.

Please do not take any longer than 2 weeks with the journal. There is no limit to the number of pages you can use, but please do not take advantage of that. And, since kids are going to be looking at this, I want it to be PG- rated.

When the journal is finished, please contact bm userid: software, my name is Zee and I love summer!


This journal has been kept by an inactive and unresponsive Bookmoocher.