Creepy Girl, Creepy Girl (school photos, regrettable eyewear, robots in love, or what have you)

This journal opens to my school photo from 1968. I’m wearing cat’s-eye glasses and a pea-green neon-striped mini-dress my Mom sewed for me. I was stylin’ and baby, I knew it.

The title is inspired by my favorite MST3K episode based on the 1967 movie Catalina Caper (aka Never Steal Anything Wet) starring Tommy Kirk, wherein Tom Servo falls in love with the new girl on the beach and sings a little song about her (”Creepy girl, creepy girl . . .”)

“Thank you, Tommy Kirk, for making us laugh at life—and love—again.”


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Some Like It Haute

“Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.” – Oscar Wilde

Fashion is always changing, and always needs new designs and fresh styles to keep it evolving. Commit a few of your fashion figures here in any design that you like! Your models can be thoroughly modern Millies, Gibson Girls, Barbie-like figures worthy of Versace or sketches from Marie Antoinette’s dressmaker.

After adding your figures, send the book along to the next person. Have fun, fashion designer!

– k00kaburra