Fun Times With Complete Strangers

Ever had a great time with people you don’t know and will probably never see again? Maybe you had a fascinating conversation on an airplane. Maybe you were snowed in at the mall and had to find ways of entertaining yourselves. Or maybe you were just wandering around and suddenly found yourself amidst a wild celebration. Whatever the case may be, this journal is dedicated to sharing your stories about fantastic times you’ve had with complete strangers. Be creative and pictures or drawings are encouraged if you have them.

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– Megan

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The Little Book of Surprising Strangers

This journal is a challenge. I would like you to (pleasantly) surprise one (or more!) random strangers in a public place.

Maybe the older lady in front of you at the cinema has really beautiful eyes- tap her on the shoulder and share your compliment. Someone sitting on a park bench reading a book? Buy them a coke and wish them a good day. This challenge is limited only by your imagination- you could say it’s a Little Book that hopes to inspire some good deeds, keeping in mind that brightening someone’s day by complimenting their outfit can brighten their day and surprise them so much that it can counteract a supremely bad day.

You can write about your experience and as always feel free to even draw something to illustrate it, but personally I got the people I approached to write a little line in the book, simply explaining that the journal was a project I was working on, but not its connection to my random comment/act.

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