A Star Wars Journey

Star Wars is my favorite movie! Do you have a favorite character, line or memorable scene? Can’t stand it? Share it with words, art or pictures! Just please don’t write over other contributions.

Please return to jfit when full. Have fun!!


Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Stories

This journal is for anyone that wishes to write short stories. This journal is restricted to family-friendly stories in the Fantasy and Science Fiction genres. I reserve the right to publish these stories as a collection online (for free) or in print (at cost of materials only). This journal also has a website: http://bogomip.net/blog/bookmooch-journal/

Stories should be hand-written in ink, the journal shall remain unmodified and no pages shall be removed or altered. You are free to illustrate your stories, or illustrate an existing story on a new page (provide a page number for the referenced story), but do not add pages or glue pictures in this book. Please number the pages you go, but do not restart the page count.

This project is dedicated to Fred Thomas Saberhagen (May 18, 1930 – June 29, 2007), a wonderful writer whose passing diminishes the light I’ve always read by.


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