If I Were a Sunbeam of Life

Remember the song?
Jesus wants me for a sunbeam, To shine for Him each day;
In every way try to please Him, At home, at school, at play.
A sunbeam, a sunbeam, Jesus wants me for a sunbeam;
A sunbeam, a sunbeam, I’ll be a sunbeam for Him.
Jesus wants me to be loving, And kind to all I see;
Showing how pleasant and happy His little one can be.
I will ask Jesus to help me To keep my heart from sin,
Ever reflecting His goodness, And always shine for Him.
I’ll be a sunbeam for Jesus; I can if I but try;
Serving Him moment by moment, Then live with Him on high.

This is your time to share with your Bookmooch friends
About what has happened in your life, from childhood to adult,
where you have felt just like a sunbeam!

All I ask is to not to change anyone’s work, or write over it, or cover it up. Keep within the two week time limit, and then post it to have some one else mooch it. When this journal is full, please send it back to: Debbie Hoggan (Bookmooch ID: hogganclan)


Thin Places

This journal was inspired by the book, Thin Places: Where Faith is Affirmed and Hope Dwells, by Mary Treacy O’Keefe, and by my family’s 2004 trip all over Ireland with the Mennonites–the beginning of my new journey with God. I’m including Mary’s book with the journal so that others may read it and then add their own “thin place” experience to the journal. May the signs of the divine become real in your life.

– Gail