Into the mouth of desire (Birthday Books Vol 5 of 41)

Said after a particularly inspired expletive: “Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?” It’s amazing what that mouth might do. Singing, kissing, frown, smirk, laugh, bite, yawn, whisper, howl, yodel, gargle, spit and repeat. The single most expressive part of the body even without saying a word. Fill this art journal with visceral, visual imagery of mouths and lips and teeth. I’m thinking human but maybe a crocodile smile a-muse-s you. When the pages of this journal are filled, please return it to bookmooch user: zenfish. Thank you.

RE: Birthday Books vol 1-41. I was very excited to read about the bookmooch journal project as I usually celebrate my birthday with art/performance art madness related to the number in question. In August I will be a delightful 41 years wild. I have purchased 41 blank journals and am giving each individual themes. When all the wayward art has winged its way home to me, I look forward to a local celebration to share and enjoy these books with friends.


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