The Golden Opportunity

Grizzly bears, granite boulders a hundred feet wide, cascading waterfalls and a wild car chase around twisting mountain roads are only a few of the perils awaiting you as you complete your mission
Cryptic messages, such as, “The star of poverty shines on the enlightened, who flee the darkness of cultured night” may be your only guide…

Your mission will be determined by the agent before you. He or she will provide a task that you must complete, come hell or high water, be you seeking a lost doll, an obscure candy bar, or a missing gypsy taxidermist. You are required to attempt to perform what you are instructed, thoroughly and completely. Do not half-ass this; give it your all. Life or death may depend on it!

As you work through your mission to the best of your ability or when you complete it, debrief us. Provide a written report of what you did and how it went about, and back it up with any physical evidence that you can! After your mission, devise the mission for the next agent, and send it on.
It is time for action!