A Hunk a Hunk a Burnin’ Love

This is one of two traveling bookmooch journals that I intend to give to a friend once it is completed. She is a recently separated mother of two who just lost all her possessions and pet in an apartment fire. I’m hoping these will provide her with some small happiness and humor as she rebuilds her life.

The theme of this journal is hot-hunky guys. Here is permission to revisit your teenage years and decorate the pages much the way you would the inside of your highschool locker or bedroom walls – with all the hotties you used to obsess over, and perhaps the ones you secretly still do. My friend is particularly fond of Johnny Depp and Kenneth Branagh, but feel free to add your personal favorites.


This journal was stalled in 2008, with a moocher who has been inactive for about a year. Mailed March 2011