Itsy Bitsy Red Chinese Zodiac: The Year Of The Horse

I’m launching a total of 12 Itsy Bitsy Red Journals into the mix. Each book is a small satin covered hardbound book. The front is bead embellished and they hail from Indian craftsmen.

The Theme is Chinese Zodiac with each of the journals dedicated to one animal year. This one’s theme is The Year of The Horse.

Have fun adding your creative inspirations to the many little blank white pages. Do as many as 10 pages, or just keep it to one tiny entry. Enjoy. Relist within two weeks using this same listing. I will mooch it back when completed or return to:

-Joy Found / Lauri Jean Crowe

Horse Crazy

This is a journal for everyone who loves horses. Please add in your horse stories, artwork, poems, and jokes. You don’t have to be a horse owner to contribute, just a horse lover.

Please add your BookMooch ID, the date and time of your entry, and your real name (if you wish) to your page. When you’re done, relist it so that others can add to it.

When the journal is finished, please contact me on my BookMooch account: biwasaki. Thanks!


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